Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: Wake by Lisa Mcann
** 1 STAR **

God, this book was terrible.

I don't even know where to begin, there was so much wrong with this book. So I'll just dive straight into the actual writing style:

This book.
Was so.
Damn choppy.
That most sentences.
Were only.
Words long.

Seriously, the writing was so cut up and choppy, there was hardly any detail or description, and it lacked any skill or effort that should be required to get a book published. How the hell is this a best-seller? Some of you people need to wake up and smell the roses. This. Book. Sucked.

Also, it astounded me how vulgar Wake was. There's drugs, alcohol and underage drinking, smoking, nudity, lots of sex (yes, god have mercy, LOTS...including illegal sex with a minor *ick*), and constant cussing. Plus Janie's mother (if you can even call her that, she could care less about her own daughter) is a drunkard, and therefore Janie has also aquired a taste for liquor. And Cabel's mom left him, his dad not much better, being an abusive jerkface who passed away, leaving Cabel all alone.

My thoughts on the 2 Main Characters:

Janie: I found her to be really immature. Always cussing and rolling her eyes, drinking under age, having irrational swells of emotion. I didn't find her to be the least bit developed as a character.

And then about the part where people kept saying "Help me." Hmm ok..YES JANIE, HELP ME! HELP ME NOT HATE YOU.

Cabel: Also a very underdeveloped character (I think pretty much all of them were). Honestly, I don't think his and Janie's "romantic" relationship was very believable. It went something like this:

He gets a haircut. She drives him to school. He buys her Mcdonalds. OH BY GOLLY THEY MUST BE IN LOVE NOW! They entwine fingers. Have dreams about kissing each other. Fighting. Snickers Bars. Kissing. WOOH!

*Sighs* I was sooo excited to get this book, I really was. The little blurb on the back sounded amazing, but it didn't live up to my expectations AT ALL. I don't even really know what I was expecting, but it was definately not this little craptastic piece of lit that's sitting on my counter. *glares over at it for a moment* This could have been such an extraordinary book, because it's initially a pretty good idea, but sadly, it failed. EPICALLY.

*chucks book at wall*
Ok, Im done ranting now.

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